Crystal Lewis

Western Australia



We all struggle through the day,
trying to keep the ghosts away.
They haunt us ever in our heads,
and guide us to our sleeping beds.
They all have names these ghostly things,
they all breathe in the heart of things.
The first is labelled deep despair,
the promise of no waking care.
Next lies grief, her ghost is drowned,
in falling tears and heart-breaking sound.
Hopelessness is close behind,
what joy in life can you find?
Sometimes fear, it takes a hold,
makes meek of the mighty bold.
The bitter sting of broken trust,
give thought to revenge unjust.
So these ghosts, they haunt our minds,
how can we overcome their binds?
The little things in life have power,
to make these dark ghosts cower.
There is laughter, sweet as song,
and friendships that stretch true and strong.
Kindness and courage too,
go a long way to lifting the blues.
The joy found in achieving goals,
like when a little turtle into the ocean first rolls.
The joy in little growing things,
flowers adorned with butterfly wings.
For every ghost, an angel is there,
a light to the dark despair.
To fight the ghosts of the dark,
to appease the wolves inside your heart.
There is only one answer you need,
the answer to, “Which side do you feed?”