Carolyn Carson

Western Australia



It all began with a small, mottled brown heap, that clung to my doorstep one winter kissed morning. 
His eyes huge like saucers, abandoned, searching and swimming in mystery. I named him ‘Bluey’ because he simply appeared ‘out of the blue yonder’, invading my world of chaos.

Why a dog? This sudden unexpected arrival flooded my mind with an onslaught of questions. Such creatures, time demanding, affection craving, would mess with my accustomed aloneness. I did not need another care. I was happy and that was a matter of fact.

Yet he gave me that look. Not just a sideway glance, but a look that penetrated my very core. It pierced my heart deeply with a plea for compassion. It was hard to ignore those watery eyes swimming in pools of sadness. It was in that moment, a pause of heart wrenching battle, that weakness overtook me. This little creature of being, had found its new home.

At first it took a little adjustment. Chewed slippers, carpet puddles and remnants of fur clung to my prized furniture. Yet at every scene there were bright eyes of innocence and a tail that wagged as though everything was perfectly normal. A perfect world. Sigh! My frustration melted into the eyes that stared up at me parading with loyalty and companionship. Life was no longer just 'me'. It was now, me and the dog.

'Bluey' was always at my side, adhesive like glue. There was no going anywhere without him. The trauma of leaving him behind was much too burdensome to bear. He knew how to pull it off with such a sheer cunningness that simply gave me no choice. He was always included. Dare I think otherwise! Every day was a new adventure in Bluey's world.

My favourite location was the river. It was my retreat and I would often venture there to fish. Bluey loved to roam the surrounding scrub exploring wherever his nose drew him. The sounds of twigs and leaves being scattered penetrated the beautiful silence. Then he would simply sit by my side in contentment. All he craved was closeness and he took the protective role of guarding me from lurking dangers.

On one outing Bluey disappeared for a long period of time. My heart grew frantic. I knew he could not be far, but I also felt the discomfort without him by my side.  A snake? A trap? Soon I heard the familiar sounds. Bluey had a surprise for me. He emerged sheepishly with a companion. A she, a smaller mottled brown version like himself. Her eyes too were searching for acceptance. I named her Coco.

My world has multiplied, my heart hooked, just like that fish on my line. I am their catch and could not imagine life without them. So here we sit on the water’s edge, bathing in early stillness. Soft light and tranquillity fills our world. It’s bonding time.  Bluey and Coco are my inseparable companions. They are family, man's best friends!