Rosmary Winderlich


North East Writers Tea Tree Gully South Australia



Torrent falling … falling … falling.
ponderous, constant
Immense volume of water

… and can we change
can mind stretch, rearrange
allowing otherness credibility
realising the futility
of unquestioning conformity?
Can we swim against the flow
or complacently, blindly
flow over together?

Cords of custom and tradition
anchor us to past.
Thoughts of centuries
our security, life raft.
Tied together in life’s flood
blinkered by socialisation
naturally we see only one view.

Can I cut the cables
break away
swim against the flow
or must I surrender to peer pressure
fear of criticism …
stay with the familiar?

and then, if I survive
fight my way out below the falls
struggle to the other side
exhausted, battered, purified
presuppositions washed away
at last, hopefully, will I see with empathy?

Each of us from different traditions
washed clean, back to bedrock
can start from common ground
We must try.

Let’s start from there …
open minds and hearts
and flow on together …minds open..