The In My View competition is organised by the WAPF and is open to all Australian amateur photographers and writers, The WAPF is the umbrella body for all the affiliated camera and photographic clubs in Western Australia. There are thirty-seven clubs currently affiliated with the WAPF and together these clubs have around 1500 members. All of these club members are eligible to participate in all competitions or events run by the WAPF. The thirty-seven clubs are  divided between the regional and metropolitan areas. Most club members are amateurs; however, there are a number of professional or semi-professional photographers who regularly ‘give back’ of their time and expertise to help the amateur and less experienced members of their clubs.

The WAPF provides to affiliated clubs and members the following benefits:

  • Official and professionally managed outings
  • Public liability insurance when on club or WAPF events or outings
  • An annual interclub event Print West is a print based Interclub photographic competition, hosted by a different club each year
  • Click West­­––the annual digital photographic competition, with superb prizes and a final presentation on the big screen at Hoyts Carousel
  • Club support––both financial and practical
  • Promotion of affiliated clubs via a modern web presence
  • A regular electronic newsletter, “The Event Adviser"
  • Basic photographic training via a sponsored Photography 101 course
  • Fellowship with like-minded people.