For a writer, the will to start is often sparked by an image, in your mind, in your eye, or on paper.

In this competition, you will be presented with twenty images­ from which you may select one or more that most inspire you to tell their story. The twenty images will be those judged to be the best from the photographic entrants of the competition. in order to balance the number of entries with the photographs the organisers may from time to time commission a writer who has previous;y entered to write to those images.

You may write the story of just one image, a few of the images, or indeed all of them if they so inspire you: it is entirely up to you. Look at the images, be inspired, write the story and submit your entry.

The Competition requires a story that can be told through Poetry or Prose.

You have up to 500 words to tell the story, with a chance of the following:

  • Win some prizes
  • To be published in a high-quality book
  • To be published as a successful competitor

Time Line for Writers

Images ready for viewing June 30th

Entries open  June 30th

Entry fee discount available till August 1st

Entries close September 15th

Q & A

These are questions I have been asked by others, You may have the same questions.

if you have other questions please use the contact link HERE

Titles - Do I need to use the Photographers title?-  No I would expect that you choose a title that suits your story.

Titles - Can I use the Photographers Title? - You may use the photographers title if it suits you.

Images - is it up to writers to choose which image to write about? - This is your choice pick one or more images to write to, bearing in mind there is a sliding scale of entry fees which makes it cheaper to enter 5 or more , these can be entered at different times up until the closing date. 

Number of entries per image - How will you make sure that all images get written to? - We will be monitoring closely the entries coming in and will try to balance out the entries so that all images get multi entries. We will identify images with less stories from time to time and mark them with *** and encourage writers to write to these images.

If an image fails to get enough entries we may commission writers to write to them. these requests would go to writers who have already contributed and will be free enties