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Christian Fletcher

Photographer Christian Fletcher Website Here

“ Back in 2010 I met William L Fox. Bill is a writer and also the director of the Centre for Art and Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno.

He was brought in from the USA to curate a photographic exhibition we were putting together on the Pilbara region. On looking at my work he made the comment,

"Well yeah they're beautiful photos, but show me something that can’t be seen!”

This was the strangest thing I had ever heard. What can I possibly photograph that can’t be seen. It took me a while before I realised it was a photograph that told a story, that had a message, that was interpreted or felt rather than seen.

Once I understood the message my photographic outlook changed. It opened up a new world of possibilities, where a good photo didn’t need to be pretty or dramatic or even perfect in execution it just needed to have emotion, it had to make you feel something. It had to push and pull your emotions and mess with the very notion of what you thought photography was about.

That is what is exciting about photography, and that is what I love.”

Christian Fletcher, 

2015 AIPP West Australian Travel Photographer of the Year
2014 International Landscape Photographer of the Year
2014 AIPP West Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year
2011 AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year
2011 AIPP West Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year


Photographer Tony Hewitt   Website Here

"We see with more than our eyes, and often deeper layers of meaning in our images are revealed when we connect with more than what we can 'see'.
Words can add context and narrative which may provide the viewer with  a subtle guidance as to our intent, while images can illustrate that which maybe difficult to render in the written language?
Together they form a partnership not unworthy of the Alchemist!"
Grand Master Photography Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)
Honary Fellow AIPP
Fellow NewZealand Institute of Professional Photography

Photo of Eileen 150x150

Writer, Dr Eileen Herbert-Goodall Website Here

The In My View website is hosting a unique competition that combines outstanding photography with evocative prose. This collaborative approach reminds us that while visuals often tell a story, they also tend to spark the writer's imagination. The competition also features a hefty prize pool that will serve as a handsome reward for successful entrants.


Dianne Wolfer

Writer Dianne Wolfer Website Here

 ‘What a wonderful project, collaborating words and images.’