General Rules

All WAPF competitions run under a set of Core Rules that you can download here

Additions and variations to these core rules specific to this competition are

Rules Specific to In My View

  1. The photographic competition is open to all Australian citizens or residents who are amateur photographers.

  2. Date Range, now compies with the WAPF Core rule where an image must have been taken within 2 years of the closing date of the competition 
  3. There is  no limit to the number images that can be entered, however, a photography finalist will only have a single image awarded finalist status regardless of the number of entries.
  4. Entrants who are advised that their photograph is  short listed as a finalist or a reserve, must supply to the competition organisers, within 14 days, a high-resolution image of 300 ppi with a minimum of 3600 pixels on the long  edge using adobe rgb colour space, it is recommended that this image be prepared in advance. adobe rgb is required by the book publisher for consistancy of colour.