In My View is a unique book publishing project pioneered by the Western Australian Photographic Federation.
Amateur photographers from across Australia are invited to submit images on a creative theme to be judged for inclusion in the book.
The 20 best pictures are then offered to writers throughout the nation as inspiration to produce works of prose or poetry interpreting a selected image and its representation of the theme.
The competition runs in stages from 1 April to mid-September, culminating in the publication of a beautiful coffee-table photobook by year's end.
Contributors pay an entry fee. Finalists - both authors and photographers – win a copy of the book. Cash prizes are also awarded to the top entries.
For the first time in 2020, the Photographic Federation is delighted to work with a new partner, the Centre for Stories, a leading WA-based arts organisation with strong connections to the writing world.
The theme for photographers and writers to interpret is Searching.

Searching offers enormous scope for interpretation in words and related pictures. Think about concepts such as exploration, personal quests, yearning, striving, the pursuit of knowledge, recovery, loss, discovery, reaching out, investigation, wondering, researching, longing, digging, finding, hoping and wishing. It can features places, people and promises.

In My View captures the creative talent of photographers and writers in a special way.